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CNC Building Blocks
Our CNC Building Blocks are one of the easiest ways to assemble a CNC machine. Follow this forum for information and sharing plans, blue prints and other ways to make your machines using these parts.
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Re: z-axis status?
by AJ Quick
Kickstarter CNC
Our machine as seen on Kickstarter! This is our 12"x18" machine with linear shafts and bushings. It is our basic starter model with many options and upgrades available!
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Re: I want to order one, How …
by AJ Quick

Steve, Thanks for letting us know. I believe the[…]

What are your DIP switches set to? They can cause […]

CNC electronic questions?

AJ, Thanks a lot for your help,

Testing the 3 Axis Controller

I had replied to your email, but I'll post this he[…]