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By AJ Quick
I highly recommend using the relay on the board, to trigger an actual relay rated for high power, on its own power cord. The one on the red board will only supply 24VDC, as far as I know.
By Tommy LeRoy
I was thinking of having it control a contactor, but the relay has printed on it 120v 13Amp or 270v 10Amp. I may still go with the contactor though.

By Tommy LeRoy
Newest update, I have spindle control. After 1 month of waiting for my cheapo contactor from eBay, I have it hooked up and working. I have since replaced the limit switches as the older ones would trip falsely if the bit chattered against the material even a little bit. Next step is to upgrade the Z axis, I get too much bit movement on plunges and it ruins the detail on some pieces. Make those aluminum Z-Axis available soon!


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