For all the different cutting tools you can use with your CNC. Ranging from a Dremel to a Router, even a CO2 laser or plastic extruder!
By frodeheg
Surprise, surprise, I finally got the parts... (wow, Bosh is really, really quick)

But did that help? No! Because Bosch originally apparently have messed up these two tool holders, so they don't fit on the machine... Only the 1/4" tool holder fits, but that one was broken and they don't sell 1/4" tools in Norway. This is the reason Bosh has removed this machine from the Norwegian market.

So I have no choice but to return the machine. Waiting over a year for nothing!

If you're thinking of buying the GKF600: DON'T EVEN CONSIDER IT, it's totally useless crap! (unless you're only into using 1/4")
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By AJ Quick
Very sorry to hear it.

We'll try to promote the Colt 110V version and perhaps start carrying a tool set that works well with them.

And possibly step down converters.
By frodeheg
Can the Colt 110V use 8mm bits? (already bought a bunch of bits a year ago)
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By AJ Quick
If I recall, the Colt has a max tool size of 1/4 inch, or 6.3mm.

If they make the 220 version use 8mm max, I perhaps can see why the tool holders keep breaking.
By frodeheg
Allright, I got the money back and went off and bought another router. The only one I could find that was 230V, had 8 mm tool holder and seemed to fit the CNC machine was the D26204 from DeWALT. Unfortunately it was very expensive but it is also targeted for the professional market, so I guess it might be more durable, at least it look quite sturdy. On the positive side it's 900 Watts so I guess it can cut faster than the Bosch. It also has variable speed from 16000 to 27000 rpm.

The only negative thing was that it was about 1 mm thinner than the Bosch, so the Bosch Colt Router Mount is a tiny bit to big, but I guess that's easily fixed with some rubber inside the Router Mount.

Well, back to work on the machine :-)

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