For all the different cutting tools you can use with your CNC. Ranging from a Dremel to a Router, even a CO2 laser or plastic extruder!
By Valdhor
What are the recommended end mills for different materials. eg. MDF, Plywood, plastic, hardwood, aluminium, melamine, fibreglass, carbon fibre etc.

How about profiled mills? eg. rounded corners for a plastic case.

And for flat bottoms? eg. milling out an area inside a plastic case part or making flat bottom mortise's for hardwood or flattening the MDF table of the CNC machine.

Where to buy the above items would be very helpful too.

BTW. I would be using a Bosch Colt as my router of choice so 1/4" shank would be the max.

As a side note, what is better to use: The variable speed Colt or the fixed speed with an external speed control?
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By AJ Quick
You can absolutely just use common off the shelf at your local hardware store router bits. I'd say my number 1 bit that I used was just a 1" x 1/4" straight router bit by Bosch. You can also get smaller ones, or ones with rounded corners.

For end mills I recommend 2 Flute 1/4" bits with center cutting.

I typically use the Atrax 900-01640. They are only $15 at Enco:

These ones are pretty long, but they do make shorter ones... and of course a ton of different sizes.

Either Bosch Colt is ok. Typically I would go with the variable speed one in case you want to cut slower or different materials. I think they also both have different max speed ratings.

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