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By frodeheg
Does any of the two Routers in Your webstore handle 220 volt?

I cannot seem to find any viable substitute that fits on the CNC building Blocks for the European market. Is there any? Or should I get a 220 volt to 110 volt transformer?
By frodeheg
From the images, it looks like the Bosch GKF 600 may be same shape / scale as the Bosch Colt PR20EVSK-RT, only difference is that it is 220 V. I'm not sure though.
By Valdhor
Just looking at the Bosch web site I would have to say that the GFK 600 is the european version of the US Colt.

It is the only palm router listed for the European market... ... 335-ocs-c/

A phone call to your particular country's Bosch should sort it out (Just click the contact link and select professional power tools from the drop down list).
By frodeheg
Thanks, I actually felt so sure that I just ordered it a week ago, should have it here tomorrow I think :-)

Too bad it's less Power than the Colt (600 W vs. 684W), fixed speed (33.000 rpm vs. 16,000 - 35,000 RPM) and more than twice the price.

I feel ripped off, should probably have ordered the US-version and an adaptor instead...
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By AJ Quick
It is good to know there is a 220V version of the Colt out there though.

I would love to be able to carry that version in our web store, but as you found out it is quite expensive.
By MonsieurTox
Hello guys,

I had the Colt with my CNC (110V) but unfortunatly I cant use it (220V here), what kind of adapator should I use to get it working with 220V ?
By Valdhor
You could try a stepdown transformer (240V - 110V). The problem is that inductive loads don't like the different frequencies of the sine wave (50 Hz vs 60 Hz) which will shorten the life of the motor. If you can live with that then it should work great.
By MonsieurTox
Thanks Valdhor that's what I bought and it works great so far ! I had no other choice, buying the 220V version of the Colt was more expensive than the 110V + a good stepdown transformer.
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By AJ Quick
MonsieurTox wrote:Thanks Valdhor that's what I bought and it works great so far ! I had no other choice, buying the 220V version of the Colt was more expensive than the 110V + a good stepdown transformer.
Its unfortunate that is the case.

I'd love to be able to carry both the 110v and 220v versions.
By frodeheg
And I still don't have a working GKF 600...
So, I ordered it on May the 2nd, as you see earlier in this thread... got it middle of may, however the two nozzles (bit holders) was broken (one was chipped and the other one didn't fit the machine). So I contacted the web store to get the two parts replaced... and waited... and waited... and waited, Impossible to get through to that guy, extremely bad customer support. So I also tried to contact Bosh, but they refused to help me and said I had to take it through the dealer because he wasn't listed as an official dealer because he was importing it through the improper channels :-(

But happily I got an answer from him about 2 and 1/2 months ago (after lots of trying) that he had trouble getting through on the Bosh support, so if I bought the two parts from my local dealer he would pay for it... Sounded nice, so I ordered the parts there.... Now 2 months later the parts still haven't arrived and all they say is that it's ordered but Bosh never send them. They called Bosh some days ago and got the answer that they wouldn't come this year... terrific....

Best thing of all... guess what each of those bit holders cost... about 40 USD each... so about 80 USD just for the two bit holders... it's more than the entire 110V Bosh Colt version!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! No wonder they have trouble getting it to me, it's so expensive no one ever buy them!!! Had I known I would NEVER have bought the 220V version... but instead ordered the 110V + transformer. I'm just glad I will get a refund for the bit holders (or at least I hope)

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