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By kmatariyeh
Any chance we will see a toolhead bracket for the makerbot stepstruder? Or is there a custom plastic extruder being made for the CNC? I really would like to push the abilities of mine by giving it more functions.
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By AJ Quick
A custom bracket would need to be made.

Unfortunately we don't have a Stepstruder available to us.

Do you happen to have one?
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By AJ Quick
Valdhor wrote:Would it be possible to use the Ubis Hot End from the Printrbot shop?
Is that missing parts? I feel like there should be more to the extrusion tool, like a wire feeder. You certainly could build a simple bracket to hold that part in place though.
By Valdhor
I was kinda thinking the same.

If you look at the pictures of the Printrbot itself, personally I can't see anything doing the feeding.

Of course I am a complete newbie to extrusion. I have heard both terms: Extruder and Hot End. I don't know if they are interchangeable or not. I wonder if the Hot End will automatically pull in the plastic filament due to capillary action.
By Valdhor
I think I understand now.

The extruder is the part that feeds the plastic filament. The hot end actually melts the filament for placement.

So, Greg Frost has created an extruder which can be seen at...

I don't know how it would be incorporated into aQuick CNC. You would need some way of printing the parts required; A stepper motor to drive the extruder; And electronics to drive both the stepper and hot end. Plus a way to control both the CNC machine and extruder from the same port.

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