Please tell us how we are doing! We want to know how we can do better and what you guys would like us to do next!
By rinthesun
Are you sealing the MDF before shipping. MDF is just a big sponge. I have had good luck with a shellac based sealer which is watery and soaks into the fiber.

You are using T-nuts. If you look at the woodworking forums must people do not us T-nuts because the teeth have a habit of bending on insertion into MDF. Try EZLOK threaded inserts.
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By AJ Quick
We are definitely going to try to Shellac the machines before shipping. However currently it is Winter here in MN and any kind of painting would take a long time.

Thanks for the tip about the EZLOK fasteners. I will order a few and see how well they work. So far the T-nuts have been working very well though.. we will put them through their paces to see which is better!
By rinthesun
This is the product you need. Zinsser Sealcoat available from Lowes. This is wax free and uses alcohol as a solvent. It dries quickly.
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By AJ Quick
Thank you!

I will pick up a can tonight and test it out on some sample pieces of wood.
By GVardaman
Does anyone have pics with the Zinnser sealcoat?
I bought some shellac but we are having our annual three days of rain, right now...
By rinthesun
You need to use Sealcoat which is a thin shellac and soaks right in. This does a good job of hardening and sealing the surface thou if you need it waterproof use a wipe on urethane top coat. Check out my blog for pictures.

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