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By jhalbrecht

Congratulations to all my fellow contributors and to AJ for getting the building blocks project funded. This is the first interaction I've had with kickstarter. Pretty cool stuff, I could go wild supporting projects out there. So glad AJ posted an update. I've been hitting ^F5 twice an hour on the kickstarter page for a couple days now. ;-)

I've been wanting a lathe and mill at home. Looked at Harbor Freight and thought I needed a little better quality. Then it struck me some education might be in order so I'm in a machinist class now before I make the plunge in some hardware.

I found out about the CNC building blocks project from a tweet of a developer, nerd, hacker I follow.

I'm researching http://linuxcnc.org/ for machine control and consider it a good omen that they just released version 2.5 the day after CNC building blocks funded even thought the April 1st date was of some concern...

Looking forward to seeing documentation and plans evolve. Hopefully I can begin building the base, or at least obtaining parts before anticipated delivery in June.

Again thanks! excitedly your, - jeffa

AJ FYI during the registration process for this forum the question was asked if I currently owned one of your machines. I didn't see the CNC building blocks project in there. Don't know if you want to add it....

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