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By braeden
Hello fellow CNC'ers!
Thanks for offering such a great project, I'm hoping to use my CNC building blocks to engrave and drill front panels for my audio electronics projects.

As I am not very experienced in CNC, I was wondering whether a full kit would be supplied at some stage that can be integrated with the $500 reward kit on Kickstarter? By full kit I mean, table, lead screws etc. everything that is required to get this thing up and running.

What sort of price are we expecting to pay... or is it too early to say? ;)
I live in Australia and apparently McMaster-Carr doesn't ship here so that makes things a little more annoying.

Thanks again!
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By AJ Quick
Sorry for the slow response.

Yes definitely.

Unfortunately we weren't able to offer a complete package earlier, but without the Kickstarter project.. the CNC Building Blocks wouldn't be possible. Thats why if you want the CNC Building Blocks you gotta back the project now.

The kits that will be available down the road will have pretty much everything, minus the CNC Building Blocks and electronics for about $300-$400.
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By AJ Quick
It won't be too much. We just have to determine the best way to do it to avoid the problems some users had with the first machine.

Also... some final production prototypes are here!

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By AJ Quick
Mathieu Lamaure wrote:Hey guys,

will the plans to make the quick cut pro be available for the kickstarter backers?
Its very possible. But will not include the actual CNC Building Blocks. You'll have to back that part of the Kickstarter first. ;)
By Mathieu Lamaure
I am already a backer of the CNC building blocks ($500 pledge). I will reformulate my question. Will you provide the plans to make the quick cut pro with the building blocks?
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By AJ Quick
Unfortunately the Quick Cut Pro is a fairly complicated design, and its nearly impossible to make without a CNC machine already. We will however work with backers to come up with designs that will be easy to assemble with just a saw and a drill.

We will also make those complicated parts from the Quick Cut Pro available at low cost... so all will not be lost.
By GVardaman
Hi AJ,
I don't want beat a dead horse, but since I can't use the CNC building blocks without a router mount (can anyone?) Is there some alternative that exists already? Maybe a mount for a dremel or other tool? Or something offered by someone else that will work until you guys figure out a solution for it?
I have taken my quick CNC apart to sand the mounts for the Z Axis binding issue referenced elsewhere and was thinking I would leave it apart until the new pieces were ready. However, if the building blocks are months away from shipping and then it is an indeterminate time until there wil be a mount offered for it, maybe I am better off reassembling it in the meantime.
Can you post when you know more closely the timeline for shipping the building blcks and also what he price point might be for the mount?
I realize I could also just work to build my own mount, but it seems silly to reinvent the wheel if you have something in the works, for a fair price, for the near future.
Any specifics would be welcome.
Thanks again.
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By AJ Quick
Router mounts will definitely be available when these Building Blocks ship.

Prices cannot yet be certain, but $20-$40 depending on what method we go with.

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