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By AJ Quick
One of the most critical components to this project has arrived, the stepper motors. Without them the computer controlled movement would be impossible! I was very surprised when they showed up today as they were shipped only a week ago and faced some delays in customs. We thought the process would be painful with all the hassles that normally face international shipping... however all that was required was a simple form filled out and they shipped across the country overnight. Now for the long and tedious task of soldering the wire connections to the cable assemblies!

Also as an update for the rest of the process..

The Z-Axis parts are coming along nicely. I have worked out a method that allows the dozens of parts on the molds to be removed and put back together in under an hour. We have also dialed in the plastic cure time to about 3 hours. So the whole process takes about 4 hours total. So far we have 8 z-axis' completed and are awaiting supplies to make the rest.

The work on the threaded rods has also begun with the cutting and grinding of 400 steel rods (not my favorite thing to do).


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