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I am glad to be posting an update with something new after working on the same things for nearly 3 weeks! The plastic Z-axis parts are hitting the final stretch after more than 140 hours of work. There are only a few more sets of parts to be made for the plastic Z-axis. They should be finished in about 3-4 days!

The stepper motors are finally completely wired and professionally assembled. The whole wiring process has taken 60-80 hours in total so far (we have seriously lost count), and it is only about 75% done. There are still some wires to be stripped and some connections to be made before we can start putting together the electronics. It should only be another week or two until the electronics are completely finished, though we are waiting on 1 or 2 components still.

Now for something new!

Our main part production has begun. We had originally planned to use our machine to build the components for the subsequent machines. While this is still possible with the design, it is not feasibly easy to do so with almost 50 machines. We chose to outsource the part production to a larger machine. Instead of spending all day switching out small boards, we can use a larger machine to make all the parts at once. This will save time, money and should yield a superior product.

We are getting closer.


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