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By AJ Quick
An update on everything that has been going on with the work on the machines.

Production has continued with the wooden parts. They should all be finished soon. We have gone through dozens of sheets of 3/4" MDF! Still so many more will be required to finish the machines.

We just finished up doing some testing with the sliders. We had 200 bushings custom made (in addition to the 400 other custom bushings on the machines) that work perfectly to allow the machine to slide smoothly. They are ingeniously held in place using groves and u-bolts. Based on the suggestion of a member of our forums (Are you a member?, we tested using Shellac to seal the MDF. While this is a perfect way to seal the MDF, the amount of time involved to do all the parts would take quite a long time. We would recommend using shellac on your machine components before assembly (but it is not required). Check out the picture at the bottom of the update to see what it looks like.

The Z-axis parts are in the process of being cleaned up. They are being placed on a CNC mill to have the surfaces cleaned and made flat and straight. After the cleanup process is completed they will be assembled with shafts and lead screws and be ready to go. There will be no assembly required with the z-axis components. (The motor will need to be installed though.)

The electronic kits are almost ready for production. We had to make a few last minute changes by adding in new parallel port connectors on a ribbon cable header. This was essential to allow us to fit the boards in such a small enclosure. Unfortunately however, the enclosures are delayed from the factory. They will ship to us in a week or two. Once they are here, they will be assembled and the whole machines should be ready to ship out.

Thank you to every one for your patience.


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