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By AJ Quick
As we mentioned in the last update. We have encountered yet another delay in regards to the electronics enclosures. We had waited over a month for the project enclosures to arrive from a supplier. They arrived Friday of last week and as we removed the enclosures from the boxes, we started to notice a problem. The supplier company had used a knife to open and inspect all the project enclosures from the manufacturer before shipping them out. 40% of all the enclosures had a large knife mark run down the side. Needless to say it was unacceptable to send them out with that damage.

Thankfully the supplier accepted the returns and shipped us replacements that should arrive on Monday. We did have to pay for the new enclosures, but they will be crediting us back for the damaged enclosures. The electronics work will start on Monday and hopefully be done by the middle of the week.

Thanks for being patient! The wait will be worth it! We are working so hard and have some amazing things planned for the future once we are done with these.

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