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Hang in there Kitty!

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:00 pm
by AJ Quick
Sorry for the lack of updates. There isn't much to look at right now as we have been working on the same parts for the last two weeks. Our machines have been running non-stop to make the final wooden components for the machines. Each component takes about 10 hours to make the required amount for the machines, and we only have 2 wooden parts left to make! Though they just happen to be the harder parts to make, requiring special thicker MDF and in the case of the machine surfaces a very large supply of it!

Progress on the plastic z-axis' continues as usual. They are slowly being assembled precisely to ensure proper movement. We did hit a few sags and have worked out new methods to make things go smoothly.

We will try to post more updates and photos soon.