Our machine as seen on Kickstarter! This is our 12"x18" machine with linear shafts and bushings. It is our basic starter model with many options and upgrades available!
By Charles Kline
What would cause the perfectly round circles I'm trying to cut to come out slightly egg shape? Do the rails/shafts need any kind of lubricant?

The cnc doesn't bind up or anything, and the 'out of round' circles that its cutting are very slight.


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By AJ Quick
That is almost always a loose leadscrew (or part connecting to a leadscrew).

Check that your leadscrews are pretensioned well, and that all nuts and nut holders for the lead screws are secure.

Which direction is the longer (oblong) part on? The X (length of bed) or the Y (side to side on the gantry)?
By Charles Kline
I'll have to pay attention next circle part I cut on which direction.

I'll make sure all the motor couplers are tight, thats probably what it is...

How do I check lead screw tension?
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By AJ Quick
You can loosen up the gantry or the ends a little bit, and then slide the shaft collars on the lead screws out so they are tight. When you tighten up the whole machine, the leadscrews will be tight and tensioned in the machine.

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