Our machine as seen on Kickstarter! This is our 12"x18" machine with linear shafts and bushings. It is our basic starter model with many options and upgrades available!
By jschisler
I'll admit I'm completely ignorant of these bearings. I have looked around to see what they typically go for and they are not anywhere near the $99 each. Is there something unique about the bearing you are getting (odd sizing, hole spacing, etc)?

Please excuse my ignorance, it just seems like a steep price after I've looked around at different offerings at other sizes.
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By AJ Quick
If you can find them for cheaper... please let me know. Because I would love to offer them for less.

These are for 3/4" shafts, and they are double the length of standard linear bearings. Metric is much more common for linear bearings (like the ones you posted) so they are much cheaper.

The price we gave for the group buy $90 each (with free shipping) is actually very good. McMaster-Carr wants $106.53 to $169.56 each for these linear bearings. I personally bought a set from eBay and paid $220 shipped for a set. $180 shipped is a very good deal.

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