The electronics that take the impulses from the computer and make the motors turn.
By cncuser
Just got my machine and over here we use 240V. How do I change the setting inside the controller box? Thanks.
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By AJ Quick
Did you get a controller that says "240V" on the box? (You should have).

If so.. it should already be setup to run on 240volts.

You will just need to find a new IDC power cord that will work with your outlets.

If you don't have a 240v controller on the box, or want to check.. you can remove the 4 bolts on your control box and check the power supply. There will be a switch on the inside that says either 120 or 240. Make sure its set to your local power supply configuration.
By cncuser
Oh I didn't pay attention to the box haha. It says 230V. It is the same right? If I want to check, where exactly is this switch located? I did open it up but couldn't find a switch that shows 2 different power. Thanks.
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By AJ Quick
Yes it should be wired to work in your country.

The switch is located on the big silver power supply on the side. Its a big red switch, you can't miss it!

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