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By AJ Quick
We've had a few questions about the remaining kits. We have another 8 kits to go out tomorrow, and then its just a few kits that need to work out final arragements for shipping. We're almost done! If you have a question about shipping, or your place on the list please let us know. We hope to be completely done by next week so we can move on to our next production run.

That being said.. our new CNC store is now online!

This is where you can buy upgrade parts for our machines (which are slowly becoming available), and full machines (if you missed out on backing our Kickstarter project). The shopping cart is probably still kind of buggy (we wrote it from scatch!) but so far it appears to be working well.

Our forums are also alive with awesome projects and builds from fellow backers. We highly recommend signing up to check it out, and look at all the awesome things our backers are doing with their CNC machines. The creativity is really starting to flow, and we are very excited for what it will bring!

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