The electronics that take the impulses from the computer and make the motors turn.
By ElectroTonic
Hello everyone

I'm having a problem with my setup. I am running a smoothstepper attached to two 3-axis unipolar controller boards. I have 4 axes, x,y,z and a. This is for a 3D printer setup. For x,y and z I have a limit switch for each for homing and limit on one side, so 3 limit switches in total. The Z-axis limit switch remains activated constantly. I have tried debouncing because I have had trouble with that before on a different machine but that fixed nothing. I tried different pins on the board for the switch with no change. The switch is good, I tested it and wired the other switches in that work on the other axes with no change. It seems to be a software problem, I have tested the hardware pretty extensively.

To verify that the switch remains active I have been looking at the diagnostics screen in mach3.

Any input would be appreciated.

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By AJ Quick
Is it a normally open switch or normally closed switch?

Is the Z-axis limit switch the only one that has this problem, or do any other axes have a problem as well?

Is the Z-axis limit input correctly mapped to the right port number in Mach3 to match the connection?

Might need to contact Warp9Td if there is a problem with that specific pin.
By ElectroTonic
The switch is normally closed.

The Z-axis limit switch is the only problem that i'm aware of at the moment, the other axes limit switches work fine.

The port number is correct in mach3. I've plugged the switch into different input pins and set it up on mach3 and regardless of what input pin the z axis limit switch is attached to, it is stuck active.


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